Prenuptial Agreements

While some consider prenuptial agreements to be unromantic, any couple contemplating marriage should take some time to consider whether this sort of agreement would be helpful.

Following a marriage or civil partnership, the law states that each partner acquires certain rights and claims against the other. You might not be happy to have these rules imposed on your circumstances.

If you and your partner have talked these things through and are clear about what you both want to happen if things don’t work out, you can sign up to an agreement.

A prenuptial agreement, or ‘pre-nup’, is a document in which you set out what you both want to happen in relation to any property, assets, income and debts.

It can help sort out financial arrangements, protecting pre-marriage assets, inheritance, and commitments - such as children from a previous marriage.

By agreeing financial matters in advance, prenuptial agreements can help ease the pressure and limit costly legal proceedings after the breakdown of a relationship.

The Courts are attaching more weight to properly prepared, freely negotiated, fair prenuptial agreements, following a recent Supreme Court decision that took into account a prenuptial agreement in a high profile case.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, or you have signed a prenuptial agreement and would like advice, our qualified and experienced specialist solicitors in Plymouth can help.

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