Grandparents’ Rights

We all know that Grandparents play an extremely important role in a family. Losing contact with a grandchild can be extremely upsetting and damaging.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of grandparents are finding themselves in this position, through no fault of their own, but as a result of divorce or separation.

If your son or daughter’s relationship has broken down, you are reliant upon the goodwill of the parent with care of the children in order to be allowed to see them.

While there is no automatic legal right to have contact, the courts recognise the role grandparents have in raising grandchildren, providing support with childcare and contributing to family life.

If you are concerned about losing contact with your grandchildren, your first step should be to get in touch with the parent with care of the child to ask to be able to continue having regular contact.

In many cases this will resolve the matter, but if this fails, you should consider seeking legal advice. Our qualified and experienced specialist solicitors in Plymouth can help.

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