Civil Partnership Dissolution

If you are in a civil partnership and the relationship breaks down, you can apply to the court for the partnership to be dissolved.

The procedure to end the partnership is similar to divorce.

Our specialist solicitors can guide you through the process and advise you about any concerns you may have.

You may be worried about your rights, your children, your house, your pensions and other assets. Generally, civil partners will be treated in the same way as spouses in legal matters and receive the same entitlements.

To obtain civil partnership dissolution you must have been a civil partner for at least one year and you will need to prove that your civil partnership has irretrievably broken down.

If you have chosen to live with one another, but not enter into a civil partnership, then you will be treated, in law, in the same way as any cohabiting couple.

It is highly recommended that you use a family law solicitor to assist with your financial arrangements, which can be complex and may take time to complete.

Our qualified and experienced specialist solicitors in Plymouth can help.

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