Fixed Price Divorce / Dissolution

When your marriage or civil partnership breaks down, you may need advice on not only the divorce or dissolution, but also other issues like what happens to your children and what happens to your finances.

Your family and circumstances are unique and we will give bespoke advice which is tailored to your needs. Therefore, whilst we can give guidance, we cannot predict exactly how much work might be needed to deal with these issues for you as an individual.

On the other hand, the legal procedure for bringing an end to your marriage or civil partnership (i.e. divorce and dissolution) is usually more predictable. To take account of this and to help you budget, we try to fix our charges for this work as far as possible.

Provided that the divorce is undefended and proceeds on a straightforward basis, if you start divorce proceedings, our estimate of fees for the divorce element only will be £400.00 plus VAT of £80.00 and Court fees. You may get some or all of these costs back from your spouse, depending on your circumstances.

Provided the divorce is undefended and proceeds on a straightforward basis, if you are on the receiving end of a divorce, our estimate for our fees for the divorce element only will be £200 plus VAT. Your spouse may ask that you contribute towards their costs.

We try to stick to these figures whenever possible but, if there are difficulties beyond our control, for example, the divorce is defended or there are problems serving your spouse with the divorce papers, additional costs may be charged for extra work. You will be informed in writing of any changes.

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