Why do I need to have a solicitor?

A specialist family solicitor’s job is to give you advice about changes in your family and help you through the procedure. We make sure you know about all your options to give the chance to make proper, informed decisions to protect you and your family.

A solicitor should guide you to make sure that you are clear about the long term consequences of your choices and advise you about the costs – both financial and emotional.

If you want to see how C & C Family Law might be able to help you we offer an initial free, no obligation consultation. Give us a call on 01752 222211 to arrange an appointment.

How do I decide which solicitor?

Different people look for different things so think about what’s important to you.  For instance:

  • Do you want a specialist?
  • Do you want someone who is plain speaking?
  • Do you want someone who is friendly and approachable?
  • Do you want someone who operates within a code of practice?
  • Do you want someone who will take a constructive approach to your difficulties?

Remember when you are making your choice that your solicitor is someone that you may need to work with over a reasonable period of time and they may need to take you through some quite challenging decisions  It is therefore important that you get a chance to meet and speak to the solicitor before you make a commitment to work together.

At C & C Family Law we think it is easier to make this decision after an initial free, no obligation consultation. Give us a call on 01752 222211 to arrange an appointment.

How do I know if I might get Legal Aid?

If you think you might be eligible for legal aid, you can check out the position by logging on to You will find an eligibility calculator on that site which will guide you about your eligibility.

If you qualify for legal aid, you will be able to find a legal aid practice in a local directory – look for the Community Legal Service logo.

If you find that you do not qualify, please give us a call at C & C Family Law on 01752 222211 where we aim to provide you with the best quality, specialist service at a reasonable price.

How much will it cost?

Many people worry about solicitors’ charges and it is important to make sure that you know how your solicitors deal with this issue. Do not be shy about asking if you have any worries.

If you qualify for legal aid, the amount you will pay will depend on the type of legal aid and the work done. You can work out if you qualify for legal aid by visiting You will find an eligibility calculator on that site which will guide you about your eligibility.

If you do not qualify for legal aid, the costs and the approach to billing will depend on which firm of solicitors you instruct. It is important to understand that not all solicitors take the same approach:

Most solicitors’ firms charges are based on an hourly rate which they set themselves and you should be billed based on units of time which are actually spent working for you. Although the Court publishes annual guides about what solicitors should charge, not all firms of solicitors charge at the same rate and there can be big differences even within your local area. If you want a good deal, it is worth shopping around.

If you want to keep an eye on how much your costs are, some firms of solicitors will provide you with bills on a regular basis. This is aimed at keeping costs as manageable as possible and letting you know exactly where you stand.

If you want to know exactly what your solicitor is doing for your money, your solicitor should provide a breakdown of the work they have undertaken and charged you for.

If you want a clear idea about your likely costs, some firms try to offer a fixed fee where they can.

What is the benefit of a specialist practice?

If you are going through a divorce, separation, problems with your children or other family changes, you know that these issues are highly sensitive and require special care and attention. When your family is changing, you do not want general advice.

At C & C we recognise that your family can not be treated in the same way as other solicitors’ services like criminal law, contract disputes or debt recovery. For that reason we only deal with Family Law which means our services are uniquely focused on your needs. You will like the differences.

For example: If you are sure about where to turn and whether you actually need a solicitor, we make sure that you get to talk to an experienced, qualified, specialist family law solicitor before you even make an appointment.

If you need to know a bit more about your options before you can decide what you need to do, you are offered a free, initial, no obligation consultation with a specialist solicitor.

We understand that we will be working with you as a team and that’s why we make our promises to you. All of this means that you will receive a service to fit your needs, whether that’s clear, plain speaking advice, being looked after by the same solicitor or a reasonably priced, quality service;

So, if you are looking for a service that is uniquely structured to provide you with the personal, specialist advice and support that you need, we are here to help.

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