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Finances On Divorce
When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down there will often be assets to be divided, such as the family home, savings, investments, salaries, benefits, pensions, properties, businesses and trusts.

Dealing with finances can be one of the major issues facing separating or divorcing couples.

Negotiating a settlement may sound simple, but in reality it can be a complex process taking into account everyone's needs as well as the income, assets and resources of each party.

Here at C & C Family Law, each case is dealt with individually and, where possible, by negotiation, not contested court proceedings.

Our aim is to guide you through the process with the aim of securing the most beneficial and cost-effective solution for you.

Our highly trained, specialist, family solicitors have extensive experience in the many methods of resolving financial disputes and will explain the options available and guide you towards an informed decision about the best approach for you.

Unmarried Couples

For unmarried couples, the situation can be more complicated. If you are cohabiting you do not have the same legal rights and remedies as married couples, regardless of how long your relationship has lasted. In such cases, any rights which you do have may depend on complex legal issues and we recommend seeking advice from a specialist family solicitor.

If your marriage or relationship is breaking down, it is essential that you seek legal advice on financial matters as soon as possible. C & C Family Law can help you through the legal process to ensure that you receive the best possible financial outcome for you and your family.

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